понеделник, 2 септември 2013 г.

Thinking about it

Today I realized that I have a serious trust issues. I knew it from a long time, but I have never thought that this can be so serious. But I guess it is.
I have this trust issues from 15 years, or so. I am the best person if you want to share something, but if I want to share something - I just don't do it. I keep so many secrets, that aren't mine, but I don't look at this like some kind of burden. I decided to write about this, because today was the day that I realized how many things people don't know about me. And I will probably continue to not telling them what is wrong with me. And apparently this people are thinking that everything is fine with me, and I live in the perfect world, where nothing is bother me, but this is not true. I believe they will never find out about everything.
People can be so predictable...
Today was the day that I realized one more thing, people around me don't care about me, they just want me for a listener, and I refuse to be! I refuse to be someone mental trash can, because I am more than this, and If they don't know me for who I am -  is their problem!
I am done with people that only keeps me next to them, so they can use me, whenever they feel it right. So let's face is - I am better person when I am alone.

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