сряда, 18 септември 2013 г.


Things I hate about people, because they:

- betray your trust
- lie to you
- are making stupid jokes based on your pain
- are being nice to you only because they want to make fun after that
- tells you that they love you and then they leave you
- ignore you, just because they can

Things I have to change:

- my attitude
- my temper
- my body
- the part of me that don't trust anyone 
- the part of me which screams "I don't care!"
- "So what? ha"
- that part in every year, in which I am stopping my exist

Things I need to stop doing:

- stop being there for everyone
- stop criticizing myself 
- stop trying to be perfect

Things I have to live with:

- myself
- being away from you

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