петък, 13 септември 2013 г.

Friday the 13th

I find it very difficult not to think about you, especially when you were such a big part from my life, even though it was for a while.
I find it hard to continue living my life without seeing you every day, but is bearable. I am fine,  it does not matter that sometimes I am hardly living. But I will not deny I was expecting something like that to happen. Because this is me, and I do not see very often pretty things in my life.
To be honest nothing compares to you.. But I do not want to be honest, I cannot tell you everything that goes through my mind. You will think I am crazy.
I have big plans for the future, so I have to forget about you for awhile, but I can't.
This is so hard. And no one knows what is going on, and I wont tell anyone.
I will let them think that I am crazy, I don't mind.
I wont share you with anyone.
I find it hard to talk about you.
I find it hard to think about you/
I even find it hard to talk with you.
Because I miss you,
and this is the part that is making me crazy.

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