понеделник, 27 октомври 2014 г.

My soul mate was right!

Today is an amazing day full with things that I didn't expect to find out. People are saying that everything is happening for a reason. I am continuing with my reasons on my own. I signed for french today, I saw amazing sunset and I spent time with some new people.
I am no longer focused in the past, for me is only the future and since I am someone that is fighting for the things I want I will fight for this. I will do everything for my future.
Because without future there is nothing. Usually we should learn to let go of the past very quickly. I learned how to fix myself four years ago after that tragic incident.
Thanks to everything that happened back then I can say that I have grown up to that part that I don't put anyone too close to me. Maybe that is the problem, but I learned the hard way, and I am still learning. But for me it is not so important how many mistakes I've made, for me it is important not to be the same ones and to take my lesson afterwards. I did, this time I did.
My lesson is don't trust people that are telling you that they love you, because they don't. As soon as they find someone else they will leave you... alone. So don't trust them. 
Don't trust a person who is saying that you are everything for them - because you are not.
The only person you should trust that you are everything for - is yourself. Be true to yourself always.
Maybe you are going to be angry, not at that person, but at yourself, because you've trusted him, you have let yourself to trust, but don't do it anymore. But who am I kidding? I will trust again, because I believe in love. I believe that somewhere there exist, and even now when I am disappointed mostly of myself I still believe. 
You know, honey, I know what I want. But you want someone else. And since I put the end of this thing, I am okay with it. Everyone should live with their decisions. I live with mine every single day. 
People always say that time change things, but the truth is that we choose to change them. Also we fall in love by chance, but we fall out of love by choice. 
My soul mate was right, he was. But I am not going to admit that to him... at least not this month. This year was awesome, and I am not being sarcastic. It was. It still is. 
Because I am free, I found something in myself that no one could take from me. 
This year I made so many dreams to come true, but I was too focused on bullshits that I didn't appreciated the things that I made come true. And I am still making my dreams come true.
Even today. I hope I will do the same tomorrow. 

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  1. "People always say that time change things, but the truth is that we choose to change them. "

    всъщност цялата публикация мога да си я принтирам и окача на стената
    : 3

    1. Ех, радвам се, че ти е харесала или че поне си открила нещо в нея! ^^