събота, 25 октомври 2014 г.

If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.

But the thing is that you are not worth writing for. There is just nothing to write about. Nothing unique, nothing so special, nothing much basically. Just one big cliché. And there is nothing I can do about it. Usually I am full of thoughts and ideas that I am running home to write somewhere, but this time it is just one big empty space.
I'm sitting home, after this long day, drinking my lemon tea, feeling better than fine. 
And I have nothing to say about you.. and I am the writer. 
But life is so preprinted, everything is happening in mostly the same way, just the actors are different. I don't believe anymore. I don't believe from sometime and after the last week I think I'll stop this torture, that I keep forcing myself to believe in people, where there is nothing to believe in.
The same people, the same stories, you are trying to be better, to be nice, and you are getting nothing from the opposite side. 
Such a cliche, isn't it?
But this time I'm sure that the fault is not in me. 
Usually I don't give second chances, but here maybe because I'm too stubborn I decided to give more chances, of course I end up again disappointing myself and hurting my pride. 
Something that I could have spared myself the trouble, but I didn't. 
Who am I to say that you are not worth writing for... Let me tell you something, there are different types of people, some come and change your life, some make you feel comfortable and some are just waste of time. The waste of time people can learn a lot from you, but you cannot learn anything from them, because the simple truth is that they have nothing to give. Nothing that you already don't know. They are showing things that you don't want to posses and you would be the happiest person if you never have the same qualities like they do. These are people who are too afraid to dream, too afraid to do anything on their own. And these people always need someone around them so they can suck the ideas out of them, afterwards they are going to say that the ideas were their at first place.
I don't like this type of people. Probably they don't like me too, but I want to be honest.
I know what I want. I've always known what I want. And I don't want to waste my time on people that are not worth wasting time for. I maybe said that you are worth wasting time for, but that is for awhile, it is not something constant. Maybe someone will write a whole book from you, but that is just not me. 

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